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Private Group Sessions

Reiki helps balance body, mind and spirit

Private Group Sessions are an opportunity to experience Reiki, meditation and mindfulness practices within the comfort of your own space, with a few of your favourite people.

These sessions are 90 minutes and can be tailored to your group’s area of interest.  All you need is a comfortable space to sit or stretch out.  If the space is quiet, even better, but the awesome thing about Reiki is it helps us focus within so background noise just fades away.

A private group session can be a wonderful one-off introduction to something new, or become a regular gathering for your circle of friends. The choice is yours.

For ongoing groups, each session will offer something different, whether it is exploring a new practice, anchoring in more conscious awareness about a topic, or digging deeper into a shared experience.  The more we enquire, the more we learn.  And as we learn, we expand – not only our knowledge base, but also our perspective, our comfort zone, and our appreciation and understanding of ourselves, each other and the world we live in.

And there is no better way to learn, grow and expand than by coming together to share thoughts and experiences. We do this every day through our families, friendships, communities, and networks of support and guidance. My goal is for you to improve your every day by taking away something special from Reiki Mindfulness and Meditation.

We may not always be in the same boat, but we truly are on the same ocean.

Inner Balance

Reiki infused meditation is a powerful practice that promotes mindfulness and balance

Holistic approach

Finding your inner voice through mindfulness practices helps you to evolve your awareness understanding and appreciation of your amazing self.

Health and wellbeing

Rest and relaxation are key to your health and wellbeing. Reiki infused meditation is a supercharged relaxation technique

Mind Body Spirit

Reiki Meditation Mindfulness: our goal is your inner balance and harmony; to experience more calm, clarity and sense of connection.

Want to sample before booking in?

Reiki mindfulness and meditation for Community Groups, Schools and Workplaces

These private sessions are also available for larger groups, and can be customised to suit retreats, health and wellbeing events, and other wellness programs held in schools, workplaces and for community groups.

Send through an overview of what you’re looking for. I’ll be touch to discuss and tailor a session or workshop to tick all the boxes.

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