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Distance or remote Reiki

Reiki can be received remotely

Distance sessions are invaluable when you are away from your practitioner. When there is no practitioner within your community or region, Reiki can be received remotely. There is no geographical limitation for a Reiki session. Different town, different state, different country – it makes no difference to the flow of universal energy.

To receive distance reiki, it is best to stretch out in a comfortable spot with your preference of lighting and temperature. If the space is quiet, even better, but I often find my focus is so intent on feeling the distance work that any background noise doesn’t bother me.

If you have experienced a traditional Reiki session with a practitioner who is mostly (or perhaps entirely) hands-off, then you likely understand that energy work creates sensations regardless of proximity. You might have felt a touch-like pressure, or it could be a buzzing or bubbly feeling, or it could be temperature changes. Each of us is wonderfully unique in our sensory experience of the world, and this certainly extends to sensory information received during energy healing sessions.

Many people, myself included, are surprised by the sensations of their first distance healing session. My first experience, it felt like my practitioner’s hands touched my head. I was so startled, I opened my eyes and almost sat up to look around the room!

The key to receiving distance reiki is the same as receiving in an in-person session: relax, focus on your breath and welcome the flow of reiki. Know that your practitioner is holding the space, just as they do in person. Trust that your practitioner is directing reiki to you to support you feeling your best. Allow yourself to relax and receive.

If your mind keeps questioning your distance healing experience, try to imagine yourself in your regular treatment room with your practitioner leading the session as they usually do. And remember, each session will offer something different, just as it would in face-to-face appointment.

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