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Reiki classes to help balance body, mind and spirit

Reiki Meditation and Mindfulness Classes are opportunities to explore reiki, get started or expand your meditation practice, and to add more resources and tools to your mindfulness library.

Our classes start with a grounding meditation exercise to help bring everyone fully into the here and now.

We then move into welcoming a conscious connection to Reiki and spend time receiving. Feeling the flow of deep relaxation move through our bodies, this helps us let go of that which does not serve, and which creates more space for Reiki to support and balance our systems.

Closing out the class is usually a guided meditation or visualisation which combines a sensory journey of exploration and relaxation with a boost of energy to recharge us for the rest of our day.

Each class reveals something different, whether it is exploring a new practice, anchoring in more conscious awareness about a topic, or digging deeper into a shared experience.  The more we enquire, the more we learn.  And as we learn, we expand.  We expand not only our knowledge base, but also our perspective, our comfort zone, and our awareness, understanding and appreciation of ourselves, each other and the world we live in.

In person classes available around the Hunter

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Inner Balance

Reiki infused meditation is a powerful practice that promotes mindfulness and balance

Holistic approach

Finding your inner voice through mindfulness practices helps you to evolve your awareness understanding and appreciation of your amazing self.

Health and wellbeing

Rest and relaxation are key to your health and wellbeing. Reiki infused meditation is a supercharged relaxation technique

Mind Body Spirit

Reiki Meditation Mindfulness: our goal is your inner balance and harmony; to experience more calm, clarity and sense of connection.

Can’t make an in person class?

Try an online class instead! These are slightly shorter to fit into business schedules.