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Reiki is for you

Reiki for Heart and Home uses reiki, meditation and mindfulness practices to support you in the everyday.

It’s time to put you first. Find or rediscover your ways to feel calm, clear, strong, confident, happy, healthy, more together. Feel more like You.

Just for a moment, let yourself relax. Focus on your breath. Quiet your mind and feel. Feel the flow of energy replenishing your mind, body and spirit.

What does reiki do?

Reiki offers relaxation and promotes healing

Stress, anxiety, depression, anger. These take us away from feeling good, which makes it harder for our bodies to work optimally.

Reiki helps us to find our inner balance, our mental and emotional calm, so it follows that it also promotes healing.

When we can find our grace and be still, we are creating space for the incredible systems within our bodies to function with greater ease and efficiency.

Think about how much clearer your thoughts are when you take five minutes for yourself. Imagine gifting yourself an entire hour to rest, rejuvenate and calibrate.

Learn. Grow. Expand.

Reiki can help you to…

Feel supported

Reiki offers a nourishing sense of safe space. When you are receiving reiki, I am “holding the space” so you may feel supported and relax fully into your session.

Find your calm

Reiki helps you to find ease and relaxation. It encourages you to let go of anything which doesn’t serve you, and welcomes you to feel anchored and connected.

Gain clarity

Our minds are busy, busy, busy. Reiki reminds us to return to our breath, to be still, to relax and to gift ourselves time. Once we do, the answers have room to appear.

What is reiki?

Reiki is limitless, abundant and always available

What it is may be a little more challenging to describe as it feels different to everyone. To me, there is reiki and Reiki – reiki is universal energy, infinite intelligence, that which creates worlds, and Reiki is the structure of delivery used by practitioners.

When a Reiki practitioner channels universal energy, be it in-person or distance healing, we are using established systems taught to us. This simply increases the flow and direction of the energy.

The wonderful outcome of this is when you receive in a Reiki session, when you become aware of the sensation of this universal energy flowing to you and through you. You can welcome this connection with reiki whenever (and wherever) you need it.

It may not feel as strong as in a Reiki session, but it is always there for you. The more frequently you invite the flow of reiki, the more you will attune to the sensations of receiving specific to you. This will extend to your sense of inner balance, calm, and clarity.

Reiki for Heart and Home

Why call my business Reiki for Heart and Home?

I’ve always enjoyed the idea of taking the “feel good” of a session home. Be it Reiki, massage, counselling, whatever – but no matter how much I tried to keep it, the feel good faded with time and distance.

I want my clients to keep their feel good for as long as possible. I started thinking about our three main environments – home, school/work, and community. Home is the most important, and easiest to positively impact using reiki.

Your home is the ultimate sanctuary. Or it should be. A safe space to rest, recharge and regain your inner balance.

My main aim is support you feeling awesome. To offer tools and resources using Reiki, and reiki-infused meditation and mindfulness practices so you feel your best – calm, clear, confident.

We can absolutely bring the bliss and balance of a Reiki session to our home. Home should feel like our sanctuary. It should feel like an extension of our best self – how we want to feel every day.

This is why Reiki for Heart and Home. This is why I offer classes, workshops, and in home appointments as well as traditional Reiki sessions. Reiki, universal energy, is for everyone and freely available at any tick of the clock. I am here to help you utilise this wonderful resource to feel more positive in yourself and in your home.

Traditional reiki and beyond…

Reiki for Heart and Home offer the following services:

Traditional Reiki

Book a Sunday session at Hunter Wellness Clinic, 174 Wollombi Road, Cessnock

Private Groups

Invite your favourite people over for a private group session. All you need is space to sit or stretch out to receive reiki and be led through meditation.

Distance Healing

Receive reiki remotely when you are travelling or there is no practitioner available near you. Reiki is unlimited by geography, distance, or location.

Clearing space

Reiki is a powerful tool for changing how a room or building feels. The best part is immediate results. Tuesday afternoons are available for mobile appointments.

Retreat workshops

Customised 90 minute workshops to slot into your retreat schedule.

Reiki Meditation Mindfulness Classes

Reiki-infused meditation classes online and in person. Take time out to relax and receive, to learn and explore, and to build mindfulness practices specific for you.

Reiki Practitioner

About Melanie

I have been aware of subtle energies as healing, comfort, connection and inspiration for as long as I can remember. We all have something we truly resonate with. Natural healing and energy work is it for me.

In 2001 I started learning the practice of Reiki, beginning with Usui Reiki, before moving into Tanran in 2014. In 2023 I began training as a Reiki Master.

The most profound moment of this journey came when I realised “mastery” comes from being both teacher and student – always. And what an experience it is to steadily perfect my practice, while exploring and sharing new ideas and insights, and shaping my best self and best life along the way.

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