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Experience Reiki

Choose to experience Reiki your way

There are many ways to experience Reiki. Here is another overview of options available to you.

Traditional Reiki Session

Sometimes we need a one-on-one Reiki session. Time that is just for us and is exactly what we need.

Each week offers several appointments at the beautiful Hunter Wellness Clinic, 174 Wollombi Road, Cessnock.

Reiki Meditation Mindfulness Classes and Events

Suitable for all levels – beginners, intermediate or experienced. Available in person and online.

These are a wonderful, gentle exploration of Reiki-infused meditation and mindfulness practices. Whether you are dipping your toe, or are a seasoned Zen Master, there is always something new and inspiring to explore. Everyday mindfulness helps craft our awareness and appreciation of ourselves, which helps us maintain our calm and confidence.

Private Group Sessions

These sessions are for groups of like-minded friends who are interested in exploring Reiki, meditation and mindfulness practices in the comfort a home or location of your choosing.

Customised to the group’s specific areas of interest, these experiences are available for 60 or 90 minutes.

Distance Reiki

Distance group sessions are available online throughout the week, with times in morning, afternoon and evening to make it easier to receive when you need it most.

If you’ve experienced Reiki with me before, you’ve heard me say it is available to you at any time. And it is. Reiki is limitless, abundant and always available to you. You don’t need a practitioner to receive Reiki.

It is simply easier to relax and receive under the guidance and facilitation of a Reiki practioner.

Reiki for Heart AND Home

One of my favourite services is using Reiki to help you infuse your space with the feeling you most want. Helping you create your sanctuary.

The results are immediate.

Clearing the funk from an oppressive space is instant, and it is a privilige to witness the relief of those who have been feeling uncomfortable in their own home or workspace.

Reiki for Heart AND Home. Xx