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Hunter Wellness Clinic


Reiki at Hunter Wellness Clinic

Every week, I offer one-on-one Reiki appointments from the beautiful rooms of Hunter Wellness Clinic in Cessnock. These clinic appointments are what many people would call a traditional Reiki experience.

For new clients, it is reassuring to know what to expect, even if you’ve received Reiki before. My usual process for a Reiki session at Hunter Wellness Clinic is as follows:

  • I’ll greet you in the waiting area and welcome you to one our treatment rooms.
  • A quick sit down so I can get a few contact details, and ask questions to help understand what you would like from your Reiki session. For example, you might want to feel calmer, to let go of frustrations, or to feel more connected.
  • Depending on how you’re feeling, we may take a few minutes to run through a grounding exercise while you’re seated.
  • Next, it is up onto the massage table with a pillow under your head and a blanket at the ready.  The only thing you need to take off are your shoes, so it is best to wear comfy clothes.
  • Once you are comfortable, just relax and focus on your breathing.  I will open the session formally by asking your permission to begin.

Our Reiki session will be mostly non-touch, and I will ask your permission before I place my hands. 

Please feel comfortable letting me know if you prefer 100% non-touch, or alternatively, if you prefer the reassurance of contact.

  • This time is yours.  You can bliss out and let the reiki flow, or remain observant and provide feedback as we go.  You can use the time to meditate, and you are more than welcome to fall asleep.  This is your time and your session.
  • When our time is nearly done, gentle music will bring your attention back to the room.  I’ll ask how you’re feeling.  It is up to you whether you share your experience or offer any feedback. 
  • Lastly, after your shoes are back on and you are ready to go, I’ll remind you to drink plenty of water and to listen to your body for the rest of the day. 

Sometimes after energy work you may feel a little floaty or not quite here. If this happens, please rest comfortably in the waiting area couches, or the front porch chairs. 

Drink some water.  Use slow, deep breathing and focus on the ground beneath your feet until you are feeling more present and ready to continue your day.

Book a clinic appointment today

You can use Hunter Wellness Clinic’s online booking system, or schedule an appointment by calling me directly on 0493023462.